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    Our Disposable Sterile Kits Are Back in Stock!

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    Our Disposable Sterile Kits Are Back in Stock!

Sheila Bella

Microblading Artist to Celebrities & Trainer, Owner Sheila Bella Permanent Makeup, Beverly Hills

The Harmony microblade by Tina Davies is an absolute godsend! To be the best in the business, you must use the best tools. I've tried many others but nothing compares to the heart and soul that went into this design. Because of her products, my clients have impeccable results and I can stay competitive in today's permanent makeup industry.

Rose Marie Beauchaimin

President of American Academy of Micropigmentation & The Beau Institute, New Jersey

We are so thrilled with the results that we get and our customers get from Tina Davies Harmony Microblades. Their configurations allow exact placement and simply glide through the skin with such ease, assuring a perfect and lasting hair stroke. They fly off of our shelves! If you are Microblading these tools are a must!

Dolores Srok

Microblading Artist & Trainer, Croatia

I love using the Tina Davies blades and tools! They are very light in my hand and they glide easily through the skin. Using these blades I can do beautiful and precise hairstrokes. Also, it's great that all the blades are disposable so I can give my clients maximum hygienic protection. I also like her shading tools because I can create beautiful eyebrows and choose a blade for each client individually. Her blades are so sharp and I love using them during trainings!

Ashley Hancock

Microblading Artist & Trainer, Owner of Edify Permanent Cosmetics, Utah

Tina Davies Products out perform similar microblades on the market. Harmony microblades are made with quality materials, high sanitation standards, and precision. This results in high quality results, unlike cheap knock-off versions which are unsanitary and unstable. Our studio re-trains technicians from all across the United States and our students are thrilled by the ease of application, thinner hair strokes and better healed results produced with Harmony.

Rhonda Vacanti

Microblading Artist & Trainer, Owner Changing Faces Permanent Cosmetics, Florida

"It is absolutely amazing to use such high quality tools. I've tried so many and Tina's "Flow" tools are superior! The packaging and quality are 5-star and it my artist's choice all the way!

Jenn Boyd

Microblading Artist & Trainer, Owner Jenn Boyd Ink, Los Angeles

As Microblading professionals, we all know that a perfect pre-draw is necessary and at times, a challenge. Brow Mapping is my specialty and having a sharp and easy to use pencil is key. After using Tina's pencil on one client, I was absolutely in love! No sharpening, easy to sanitize and stays on even through the numbing process. Definitely my new go to drawing tool!

Terry Lively

Microblading Artist & Trainer, Owner House of Art, Texas

I've been using Tina's Harmony microblades since they first came out. I appreciate the consistency and sharpness of each blade. In my opinion, they are the best in our industry and the new "skinny" pencils, well, they are to die for !!!

Four microblade sizes. Unlimited designs.
9 Classic 9 Classic
9 Classic
The perfect "go-to" microblade needle for any design. The unique, pointed tip is crafted for precision strokes that heal true.
U Needle U Needle
U Needle
The expert's choice for clean, smooth strokes. This microblade is perfectly engineered to hit the "sweet spot".
14 Curved 14 Curved
14 Curved
Point or curve with this hybrid microblade needle. These 14 pins deliver the perfect amount of line weight for crisp, clean strokes.
19 Shader 19 Shader
19 Shader
Use with your favourite Harmony microblade to add depth and texture to strokes or use alone to create shaded/ombre brows.

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  • Sharp, precise needles
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    • 5

    Sharp, precise needles

    Surgical stainless steel, sharp and refined. Pointed microblade tip for marked precision.

    Sharp, precise needles
  • Built-In Ruler
    • 1
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5

    Built-In Ruler

    No more guesswork. Confidently match eyebrows on the spot. Hold our microblades horizontally across the forehead to check for symmetry while demonstrating to your clients.

    Built-In Ruler
  • Protective Cap
    • 1
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5

    Protective Cap

    Plastic cap protects microblade needles while in transit. It also has a tiny hole so that EO gas can still penetrate and sterilize the needles.

    Protective Cap
  • Soft Cushy Grip
    • 1
    • 3
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    • 5

    Soft Cushy Grip

    No slippage from blood or fluids, comfortable for hours.

    Soft Cushy Grip

Got Questions?

Do I have to pay taxes or import duties?

*IMPORTANT: We cannot guarantee that you will or will not be charged any customs taxes or duties. Any customs or import duties are charged once the parcel reaches its destination country. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel. This applies only to orders outside the US, Canada and the UK.

Can I use this product in the EU?

Harmony microblades are manufactured in a sterile clean room facility. Each Harmony is carefully inserted into its very own blister pack then treated with EO gas sterilization. Each blister pack is clearly marked with verification of sterilization. Harmony also comes marked with a manufacture date as well as an expiry date which makes them completely compliant for use in the EU.

How is it sterilized?

Each harmony is sterilized with EO gas and then inspected by a third party to ensure they adhere to the strictest safety standards.

What is your return / refund policy?

If for any reason your Harmony arrives damaged or in any condition which is not completely perfect we will replace it, no questions asked. We do ask you to send images of the issues so we can address your concerns immediately. This will ensure our other artist members are receiving Harmony tools in perfect condition. Artists will be responsible for shipping the damaged Harmony's back to us to receive credit to their account. For the safety of our artist community we do not offer returns if you change your mind or decide you no longer want them. We take a lot of care to ensure your microblades arrive sealed and sterilized and this can be compromised when artists receive them (potentially open them) and then return them to us.

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